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  • Introducing the Romans

    Introducing the Romans

    2000 years ago southern Britain was occupied by Celtic tribes who seem to have been at each other's throats for most of the time.

  • The Emperor's approval

    The Emperor's approval

    Three factors would have influenced the building of walls around the town: they were to defend the town and control trade but their principle purpose was to demonstrate status.

  • Preparing for war

    Preparing for war

    In Britain during the late third and early fourth centuries there was a period of great prosperity.

  • The end of Roman Britain

    The end of Roman Britain

    As the 4th Century progressed things went from bad to worse.

  • An abandoned town

    An abandoned town

    The Anglo Saxons started to arrive along the south coast in large numbers.

  • Chichester reborn

    Chichester reborn

    After almost 500 years of neglect Chichester could have easily been lost forever, but for a decision by King Alfred the Great to create a chain of defences (burhs) against a growing threat - the Vikings.

  • Trouble with the neighbours

    Trouble with the neighbours

    In 1066 King Harold was defeated by William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings.

  • the English civil war

    The English Civil War

    In 1642 Chichester's walls were called upon to defend the City for the last time.

  • Fun and games

    Fun & games

    In the 18th and 19th centuries life in Chichester was thriving and many new houses were built.

  • A Roman army marching onwards

    Resources for teachers

  • Two people walk along Chichester city walls

    Interpreting the past

    In 2009 a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Chichester District Council enabled a thorough research project to be completed.

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