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The Promenade Quadrant

For centuries access into the city was controlled by four gateways. They could be barred in time of war but their primary purpose was to control commerce.

The Promenade Quadrant

They were demolished in the 18th Century to ease traffic movement, a stone pier sandwiched between two buildings is all that remains of the original West Gate.

In Roman times one road from here led to Fishbourne Palace and its harbour and another to Winchester.

Crossing West Street, follow a narrow lane to the North Walls .

In the Georgian period trees were planted along the ramparts and a formal promenade created. The view north would have been of almost uninterrupted countryside to the South Downs.

The promenade continues to North Street and the site of the former North Gate. From here the Roman road led to Silchester (Roman Calleva Atrebatum).

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