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The Parks Quadrant

Crossing North Street follow Priory Lane to Priory Park, a site steeped in history.

The Parks Quadrant

The tree-topped mound next to the Children's play area is all that survives of a Norman motte and bailey castle constructed soon after 1066.

The castle was demolished in the 13th Century and the land given to the Franciscan Friars, an order of preaching monks who built a monastic church on the site.

Around 300 hundred years later Henry VIII created the Church of England and dissolved the country's monasteries. He gave the site to the free citizens of Chichester and the remains of the church became the Guildhall.

In 1824 the Duke of Richmond acquired the land around the Guildhall and in 1850 he leased it to the Priory Park Society, who created a private park.

Following the First World War the park was presented to the City as a War Memorial.

Cross Priory Road to continue the trail. You have the option of a steep flight of steps or the footpath at ground level. At the end of this section we reach East Street and the site of the former East Gate.

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