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The end of Roman Britain


As the 4th Century progressed things went from bad to worse.

Barbarian raids increased on all fronts; Germanic mercenaries were being employed to support Roman troops and the economy was on the verge of collapse.

The end of Roman Britain

In these uncertain times the town's defences may have been called upon to defend the local population on a number of occasions. Fortunately the walls and the bastions provided a formidable defence. The Roman strategy was simple; get everyone behind the walls, shut the gates and send for the cavalry!

The problem is that Roman troops were gradually being taken from Britain either to defend more important parts of the empire or to support their Generals in attempts at usurping power. In AD 410 the Emperor Honorius told the British authorities that they were on their own. This left Britain defenceless and disorganised, which provided the Anglo-Saxons with just the opportunity they needed.

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