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An abandoned town


The Anglo Saxons started to arrive along the south coast in large numbers.

They faced little opposition from the local Romano-British who had got so used to Roman civilisation that they found it easier to join the successful invaders than start again on their own.

An abandoned town

Initially the Saxons were not interested in towns and commerce, preferring a self-sufficient rural existence. The remaining Romano British soon abandoned Chichester in favour of living off the land as well.

Within a few years the streets became impassable, covered in rubble and dense vegetation. What buildings remained were little more than crumbling shells. The walls and bastions fared little better and there are likely to have been numerous collapsed sections. The upper parts of the bastions would have been particularly susceptible.

For more than 450 years the old Roman town was a place to avoid, little more than a haunt for squatters and a convenient place to bury the dead.

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