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In the 18th and 19th centuries life in Chichester was thriving and many new houses were built.

The City's gates were demolished to ease traffic congestion and large sections of wall were removed to improve access, breaking the walls circuit for the first time since it was built by the Romans.

Fun and games

The walls were saved from complete demolition when the City Council invested in a tree-lined promenade along the top of the walls for the enjoyment of local residents.

Leisure pursuits were an important part of city life and in 1850 Priory Park was laid out including the cricket pitch and bowling green. The Priory Park Cricket Club was founded a year later.

At about the same time the walls began to be appreciated for their historical significance and the first archaeological excavations were undertaken.

Since then very little has changed on the walls. For 200 years residents and visitors to Chichester have enjoyed an elevated stroll around the City.

Today the walls are listed as a scheduled monument of national importance.

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